[Update 2020] Thông tin công ty & tin tuyển dụng từ DI Marketing Vietnam

DI Marketing (DIM) is the Japanese venture which aims to disrupt and solve the 2 biggest problems of Digital marketing:

Facebook marketing: how to deliver an excellent content to Facebook so that users can feel attracted and deeply interacted with your brands. We have 2 services

Social media contest platform: vn.monipla.com

Facebook Fan page content management

Hiruscar: https://www.facebook.com/HiruscarPostAcneVn/?fref=ts

Belluni: https://www.facebook.com/belluni.vietnam/?fref=ts

SBC Japan: https://www.facebook.com/thammyviensbc?fref=ts

Online market research: How to deliver a reliable, fast and yet efficient market survey services in Southeast Asia to any businesses that have an interest in the market.

We manage a captive pool of users in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia and retains them in unique platform by collaborating with digital media advertisers.

Please see it here: di-onlinesurvey.com

Tag: Thông tin công ty & tin tuyển dụng từ DI Marketing Vietnam update 2020

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